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Kaidan Lovers, that’s who we are!

We are a mixed couple of Japanese and French, currently living near the Tokyo area in Japan. “Japan makes me scared” (“Japon, fais-moi peur” as the French version) is a project that we launched together.


I’ve had a passion for reading and horror films since I was a teenager, and I’ve been feeding this addiction with Kaidan since I moved to Japan in 2015.

It’s an aspect of Japanese culture that isn’t often talked about but is still very present here in Japan. So, I decided to share some of that culture with you through the podcast and the website.



Born and raised in Japan, listening to hundreds of Kaidan stories all the time since childhood.

What is Kaidan?


Kaidan consists of two Kanjis, one form of Japanese characters. Kai (怪) means scary or mystery, and Dan (談) refers to story. Kaidan varies from a type of traditional ghost story to a supernatural tale, or even human-based horror as well.

Kaidan stories have been a popular form of entertainment in Japan for quite a long time (more than centuries, at least). They are loved by many people, as they have been adapted into various forms of media with the passage of time, including literature, film, television, web media, and recently several content-sharing platforms like SNS.

There are even professional Kaidan storytellers in Japan. Their own experiences or stories from interviews and information gathering are presented every day, both in real life and online….. (well, we are obviously trying to be the ones of them!)

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