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Hitokowa – Scary People/Human-based Horror Story

What is Hitokowa?
It’s a Japanese word and can also be separated into two independent words. Hito and Kowa.

Hito means people, and kowa means horror. So now you can guess what those two words mean when combined, right?

Hitokowa is a Japanese term to describe human-based horror stories. It means, you know, there are a bunch of scary supernatural things like ghosts, curses, etc. But look around you in daily life. People are as scary as the supernatural for sure.

Hitokowa stories focus on the darkness of humans that’s usually hidden under the face of ordinary people but comes out as psychological terror or social anxiety in the end.


Double Date

“Open up. Open it quickly.” “No, don’t ever go.”“Please don’t gooooo!” What happened on the way back home from the double date? Today, I will share a horror story featuring this scary experience. Double Date (Japan Makes Me Scared Podcast) Double Date Scary & Horror Story of the Kaidan (transcription) On the way back from

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Stranger in the Elevator

“Did you see any suspicious people or behaviour yesterday?”Well, I’ve got an idea of who it was, but I don’t want to testify to the police and be held up for hours. It should be fine if I just say nothing and leave it to the police—or is it not? Today, I will introduce one

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A Guy From Goukon

“I’m glad I worked so hard to come to the Goukon because I met such a nice guy!”But wait, is it really the first time we’ve met? Today, we will discover one of the best Hitokowa Kaidan from Shuhei Shimada. A Guy From Goukon (Japan Makes Me Scared Podcast) A Guy From Goukon Scary &

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The monk who survived

“Do you want some coffee?“There were several canned coffees on the table, but they all looked the same from the same brand. That was a bit strange… Today’s story is from Miki Daiun, who experienced this combination of true crime and Hitokowa (human-based horror). The Monk Who Survived (Japan Makes Me Scared Podcast) The monk

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Old Memory

“Promise?”“Yeah, promise.”What happened after that? Missing memory might be the key to solving the mystery… Today’s story will focus on a Kaidan of childhood memory. Old Memory (Japan Makes Me Scared Podcast) Old Memory Scary & Horror Story of the Kaidan (transcription) Introduction This story is originally from Hikaru Ijuin who is a famous comedian

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The Thief

Who is the man…? Why did he steal it…? I bet you would say ‘Ew’ after hearing this human-based horror story of Hitokowa Kaidan. The Thief (Japan Makes Me Scared Podcast) The Thief Scary & Horror Story of the Kaidan (transcription) Introduction The original story is from Masao Yoshii, a comedian and actor who is

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