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“Open up. Open it quickly.”

“No, don’t ever go.”
“Please don’t gooooo!”

What happened on the way back home from the double date? Today, I will share a horror story featuring this scary experience.

Double Date (Japan Makes Me Scared Podcast)

Scary & Horror Story of the Kaidan (transcription)

On the way back from the fun double date

This is the story of what happened to one woman. We can call her Miki here for convenience.

Miki had a boyfriend, Taka. They had been together for some time, and they were thinking about their relationship seriously.

She had a female friend, Kana, who had been friends with Miki since childhood. They shared everything, including their relationships with their partners. And Kana also had a boyfriend, Toshi. Four of them were all close to each other, and hung out all together quite often around that time.

One day, as usual, they decided to hang out all together for a day. You know, they were having a double date. They went to an amusement park, and they had a fun time.

When they went to a parking lot to go back home, Kana said, “Hey, do you guys still want to hang out a little bit more?”

Actually it was still early evening, and they had so much fun that they were all willing to stay longer.

Then Toshi said, “Sure, you are all welcome to my place. It’s not too far from here, and I’ve got a bunch of drinks too.” So they decided to go to Toshi’s.

On that day, Miki came to the amusement park with Taka on his bike, and Kana and Toshi came by car.

Taka said to Miki, “Maybe you can go in the car with Kana and Toshi. You know, it’s a bit cold already, and I don’t want you to be sick.”

Kana supported the idea like “Yeah, that’s a good idea. Miki, stay with us. Isn’t it ok, Toshi kun?”

Toshi also agreed, so Miki got in the car and left the amusement park.

On the way to Toshi’s, the three of them talked to each other a bit first, but Miki got sleepy and fell asleep without realising it.

Has he arrived yet?

When she woke up, she was in a room that looked familiar. So she was like, “Umm, is it the flat of Toshi Kun?”

Then, Kana entered the room with Toshi and said “Ah, you are finally awake. We just went out to buy more drinks to add.”

At first Miki was relieved to know where she was, but when she looked around, she realised that Taka was not there.

“Hey, has Taka arrived yet?” Miki asked.

But Toshi said, “I don’t think so. He would have called or at least knocked on the door if he arrived.”

Miki didn’t know why but started feeling a little bit tense. She tried to call Taka, but didn’t make it to reach him.

“Hey, isn’t it taking too long for him to arrive? Maybe there is something happened to him…”

As they were talking like this. “Jiririririririririn…”

Toshi’s mobile phone was ringing. He answered the phone.

“Yes, yes that’s me. What? Oh no. Ok, I’ll be on my way right after.” Saying this, Toshi hung up the phone. His face was completely pale. This couldn’t be any good news.

He opened his mouth heavily. “Ummm, Miki. You may not believe it, but listen calmly, ok? Taka has had an accident and just died.”

Hearing this, Miki’s mind went blank. As she was speechless, Toshi continued.

“I just got a call from the police. I have to go there now and confirm his identity. I know it’s hard, but can you come with me?”

Miki still couldn’t accept the reality: Taka was dead? The one who, just a few hours ago, we were having a good time together with?

Open up!!

While she couldn’t even start moving. “DON, DON, DON, DON!!” Suddenly, there was a strong knocking on the door of the flat.

Everyone was startled by the sound and looked towards the door.

Then, “Hey, open up. Please, open up.”

This voice was Taka’s. Miki immediately recognised it. It was her boyfriend’s voice, there was no way she could have mistaken it.

“Thank God. He was alive. There must have been a mistake to say that he died in the accident.”

Miki was so happy that she tried to walk towards the door.

Then Kana grabbed her arm and stopped her. “Wait a minute. Isn’t this weird?”

“What, you can hear Taka’s voice, can’t you?”

“Yeah, but we just got a call that he passed away.”

Toshi also said, “I think it’s weird, too. Maybe this is Taka’s spirit?”


“He died suddenly, so maybe he’s lonely and is trying to take Miki along to the other side?”

“Miki, open up. Open it quickly.” Meanwhile, Taka’s voice continued from the other side of the door.

“No, don’t ever go.”

“Please don’t go, Miki.”

Toshi and Kana tried to stop her desperately, pulling on Miki’s arm more strongly.

Miki was scared, but she wanted to see Taka again, even if he was dead or a spirit. So, she shook off their desperate attempts to stop her and put her hand on the door.

Then Taka’s voice came in.

“It’s Kana and Toshi who are dead.”

“Wait. What did you just say?”

Miki turned around and saw Kana and Toshi standing there, covered in blood, their limbs and arms bent in strange directions.

“Geeyaaaah!” Miki screamed and fainted.

What had actually happened…

When she regained consciousness, she was in a strange white room. Seemingly, it was a hospital room.

When she looked around, she saw Taka beside the bed.

“Oh, Miki, you finally woke up. Oh, thank god.” He hugged her as he was deeply relieved.

Unable to read the situation, Taka began to tell Miki about what had actually happened.

On the way home from the amusement park, the car Miki was in was involved in an accident. Kana and Toshi were killed instantly in the accident, but only Miki managed to survive.

During the few days she was unconscious, he was holding her hand and praying for her.

“Open up, open your eyes. Please, please, open your eyes quickly”

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