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“Po, po, po.” What if you hear this strange sound from an unusually tall woman? Those who got a liking by Hasshaku-sama (Hachishakusama). They would be taken away and killed within a few days… I will share one of the most iconic Japanese urban legends (creepypastas) from 2chan that will surely scare you off.

What is Hasshaku-sama (Hachishakusama) in Japanese urban legends?

Hasshaku-sama (Hachishakusama/八尺様), also known as “Eight Feet Tall”, is a popular character in Japanese creepypastas. She first emerged as an urban legend story on the Japanese message board 2channel (often shortened as 2chan).

Hasshaku-sama (Hachishakusama) Urban Legend Story podcast

In 2008, a thread was created on 2chan. The boy who started the thread shared his terrifying experience there.

I will describe “I” as this boy from here…

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Characteristics of Hasshaku-sama (Hachishakusama)


Enormous Height

Hasshaku-sama (Hachishakusama) is described as an abnormally tall woman, with the legend specifying her height as eight “Shaku”s. Shaku is an old Japanese way to measure length, and one shaku is about 30cm. Hasshaku (Hachishaku) means eight shakus, so it is about 2.4 meters.

Various Clothing and Appearance

The look of Hasshaku-sama (Hachishakusama) is different depending on the person who saw her. Sometimes, she is a young woman in grave clothes, or at other times, she looks like an older woman in a kimono.

But what’s in common is that she is usually a tall woman with something on her head. In the story on 2chan, she wore a white dress and a wide-brimmed hat.

“Po, po, po” Sound of the Ominous Voice

She emits a low, unsettling laugh often described as “po, po, po” in a man-like voice.

You can hear the “po, po, po” sound of Hasshaku-sama (Hachishakusama) in my podcast episode, so please listen if you would!

Predatory Nature on Children/Young Adults

Hasshaku-sama (Hachishakusama) is known to stalk and prey on children and sometimes young adults. Once she chooses a target, she relentlessly pursues them.

Luring Tactics by Mimicking Voice

Hasshaku-sama (Hachishakusama) can also mimic their loved one’s voices to lure them closer, and once they are near, her true nature is revealed…

The Fate of Those Caught by Hasshaku-sama (Hachishakusama)

According to the past legend, those who got a liking by Hasshaku-sama (Hachishakusama) would be taken away and killed within a few days.

Impact of Hasshaku-sama (Hachishakusama) on Japanese Pop Culture


Since the story was posted on 2chan, Hasshaku-sama (Hachishakusama) has become an iconic figure in Japanese urban legends and internet horror. Also, she’s been highly popular among illustrators around SNS recently, and there are mangas, games, and short films featuring her.

What if you hear “Po, po, po” Sound of hasshaku-sama(hachishakusama)?

When I discovered the Hasshaku-sama (Hachishakusama) story for the first time, I was really scared. I have listened to it many times, but this impression has never changed and provided a fresh scare every time!

I assume that her enduring popularity might come from her simple yet scary appearance and the mysterious story, as well as recent trends in pop culture, as I mentioned above.

Anyway, going back to the first question. What would you do if you heard the ‘Po, Po, Po’ sound near you?

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