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Have you ever woken up from a dream so vivid and real that it felt like it had actually happened? You realised it was all just a dream… or was it really…?

Today, we are diving into the Kaidan of a weird dream of BB Goro.

Mosaic on the Face (Japan Makes Me Scared Podcast)

Scary & Horror Story of the Kaidan (transcription)


The original story is from BB Goro. He is a comedian who is also famous for impersonating Junji Inagawa, the Kaidan legend.

This story is one of the few experiences that he had by himself. From here, I will describe “I” as BB Goro himself.

Do you want to see a dream that you don’t want to see?

It has been more than ten years now. I think it was just after the New Year.

One night, I was in my room thinking about a script for my comedy show. But I was really tired, so I moved to the futon and tried to get some sleep.

Then, I had a dream.

The first person that I saw in that dream was myself. You’ve all had a similar experience once or twice, haven’t you? Of course, the character in your dream is yourself. Nothing strange about that.

Anyway, I’ll call myself in the dream “he”.

Then he started talking to me like this. “Do you want to see a dream that you don’t want to see?”

It didn’t make sense, but there was no reason to refuse. Also, he is just…me. So, I felt no need to fear.

I said, “Sure, I want to see it.” He beckoned me to come over.

Ah A Ah

As I followed him, we arrived at a sliding door. As soon as I opened it, he was already gone.

“Where did he go?”

I was looking inside the door. It seemed like a massive room with about 20 tatami mats on the floor. It was spacious but bleak and strangely a bit musty, even though it was a dream. And I could see him sitting upright in the middle of the room and looking at me.

It’s like teleportation. But again, it was a dream, so I didn’t really find it too weird.

Anyway, getting back to him. I noticed he was saying something. Something like…

“Ah a ah, ah a ah, ah a ah, ah a ah…”

Then he had a pause after repeating it a couple of times and said…
“You’ll know all about it when I say ‘Fur’ later.”

Right after that…


He gradually got louder.

And also, there was someone who suddenly appeared next to him. 

It looked like a woman. I could recognise a kimono by her shape and colour.

The bizarre thing is, the woman had a mosaic on her face. So I couldn’t see her face clearly at all.

He didn’t even look at her and still went on like…


As he went on, I could see the mosaic of the person was kind of fading.


It was getting thinner and thinner over time.


Her face was getting more clear: the hollows of the eyes, the bulge of the nose and the shape of the mouth.


Then one theory came into my head. “Oh, he might be trying to scare me. When he says ‘fur’, all the mosaic will be gone, and there will be a scary face or something”.

When I thought about it, no matter how much it was just a dream, I was scared indeed.

“This is no good. This is no good. I must get up.” I tried really hard to do so, but my body didn’t move.


More and more parts of the face were being exposed.


“Oh no, no, no”.

Then I remembered knowledge about sleep paralysis. When in sleep paralysis, you must bring all the nerves from your head to your toes to the navel area.

If you concentrate your mind, you can get out of it. I remembered hearing that, so I started focusing my nerves on my navel.


In the meantime, the voices were getting more and more intense!

“AH A AH…”
“Wake up, wake up.”

“AH A AH…”
“Wake up quickly.”

“AH A AH…”
“Right now!!”


I finally managed to be awake. But I saw that face without the mosaic at the end.

But actually, at the time, I felt more about the joy of escaping the scary dream.

“Oh, thank God. A dream, eh? Is this a greasy sweat? It was really scary. It could be the scariest dream that I ever had.”

No surprise that I couldn’t sleep anymore later.

Wait, it sounds familiar…

It was the same day but at night time. I had a New Year’s party with my comedian friends.

Usually, I would go out till morning after a party. But on that particular day, I didn’t feel like it after what I had experienced in the morning.

When I told them I was going home, a fellow said that today’s train was operated with a holiday timetable, so maybe the last train had already left.

So I said… “OK, I will go to the station anyway. If there’s no train, I’ll come back. If I don’t, think I could catch a train.” 

When I arrived at the station, it was about 10 minutes until the last train arrived. It was midnight. Nobody else was around me. It was just silence. 

I wanted to ride in the front car, so I was sat on the bench at the front of the platform. I was so sleepy since I couldn’t sleep well in the morning that I fell half asleep with my eyes closed.

After a while, an announcement was made.  “The train is approaching. Please be careful not to miss your last train of the day.”

“Paaaan” Then, I could hear a whistle.

In the Tokyo metro, the train gives one whistle when it comes into the station. Well, it’s meant to let people on the platform know that a train is coming.

When I heard that Paaaan sound, I was like “Ah, here comes the train. I have to get up.”

But actually, the whistle sounded unusual.

“Paaan, pa, paaan. Paaan, pa, paaan…”

“What is this? Wait, I’ve heard this somewhere.”

“Paaan, pa, paaan. Paaan, pa, paaan…”

“Oh, that dream I had in the morning.”

“Ah a ah, ah a ah…”

“Same. Same rythem.”

“Paaan, pa, paaan. Paaan, pa, paaan…”

“Hm? What is this?”

I finally opened my eyes, and then poof! There was somebody in front of me.

It seemed like a woman at the edge of the platform. She was wearing a kimono and shivering with her back to me. 


The train was blowing the whistle more intensively.

“What is it? What’s going on?”

When I couldn’t fully grasp the situation, the woman jumped onto the tracks.


Yo-chi-mu (予知夢)

The voice was from me screaming.

I’m not sure if it’s what you call a “flash-back”? As the woman jumped in, I saw her face turn slowly, as if in slow motion. Her face turned towards me, and she went down the platform.

However slow the train speeded down, it was too late to stop. I heard a bang and the train stopped over the woman.

I’m pretty sure you all know what I’m going to say.

The woman’s face looked back in slow motion after I shouted, “FURRRR!”. It was exactly the same as the one I saw in the dream!

The other day, I asked someone who knows about that spiritual thing. And he said it’s called  “Yo-chi-mu (予知夢)”, which means like a foreseeing dream in Japanese.

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