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“That woman must be just a pervert?” But is she really?

Today, I will introduce a spooky experience in a love hotel shared by Issei Kunisawa.

Red in a Love Hotel (Japan Makes Me Scared Podcast)

Scary & Horror Story of the Kaidan (transcription)


This story is originally from Issei Kunisawa. He is a comedian but is now also famous as a Kaidan storyteller.

He heard this story from one of his friends who went to a love hotel one day.

From here, I will describe “I” as Issei for convenience.

The man desperate for the lucky chance

I have a friend called Nishiyama-kun. This Nishiyama-kun, first of all, I want you to know what kind of guy he is.

He is a monster of sexual desire. He is a boy who is always chasing after women. He’s not that young but restless, and when we meet up, he only talks about women.

One day, he went to a Goukon party.

Goukon is a Japanese-style blind date where a group of men and women gather to look for their partners.

But that Goukon party was more like a gathering of men and women who wanted to do “business” right afterwards.

After a certain amount of time had passed.

“Hey, we’ll leave first.”

And, “We are leaving too.”

Two couples left. Then, the third group, Nishiyama-kun and a girl, could also get out.

Let’s call this girl Miki-chan for now.

The two of them went to karaoke and had a good time. And when they left there, they were soon in an area full of love hotels.

As I said before, Nishiyama-kun is a kind of womanizer, so he said, half joking, half serious, “Hey Miki-chan, let’s go to Love Hotel.”

And she was not too upset and said yes.

But, even though they went around to several love hotels, all of them were fully booked, so they couldn’t get in.

After walking around for a while, Miki-chan said she was tired and wanted to go home. Nishiyama-kun thought that it would be a waste of a great opportunity if she left.

So he called his friend who had left the Goukon party with another girl earlier. When he asked which hotel they were at, they taught him about one hotel.

Nishiyama-kun thought, “We might be able to get into the hotel too.” Then he decided to go to that hotel.

Is she looking at us?

While desperately searching, they found one old love hotel.

Usually, when you think of love hotels, you think of beautiful places with a castle-like design or a modern, stylish design. But that hotel was a bit like an old building.

When Miki-chan saw it, she was a bit reluctant, saying, “It’s not a very nice place.”

Honestly, Nishiyama-kun felt the same. But, you know, he is always desperate for girls.

So he countered, saying, “Well, it may look bad from the outside, but it’s the same once you get inside.”

Still, Miki-chan didn’t seem to get on board, so he asked her why. Then Miki-chan said, “Because… Look at that window over there.”

When he looked in the direction she was pointing, there was a woman dressed in red standing in the window on the third floor of that love hotel.

And the woman seems to be sticking to the window and looking at them.

When Nishiyama-kun saw this, he was horrified, too. However, Nishiyama-kun was more interested in going to the hotel than that.

So he said, “Don’t worry. Isn’t that woman just a pervert? She is the type of person who shows her play to the outside, isn’t she?”.

Miki-chan heard that and giggled. Then She finally agreed to go to the hotel there.

So they went into that love hotel. Most love hotels these days are where you look at the panel and choose the available rooms yourself.

But that love hotel was really old. That could be why the receptionist gave they the key without selecting the room, and they went straight to the room.

When he got to the room, he had a weird feeling. Of course, it was the fact that the hotel was old, but it was also the feeling that the atmosphere of the room as a whole was just uncomfortable.

Miki-chan probably felt that atmosphere, too. She was wandering around the room, looking somewhat restless.

When she got close to the windowpane, he heard her say, “Oh, no”.

Nishiyama-kun asked, “What’s wrong?”

And she said, “Isn’t this the place where the woman in red was standing?”


When he went to the windowpane and looked down, he felt that it was indeed the same position as the place they had just looked up at from the outside.

They both got scared and looked for the woman in the room to see if they could find her. They looked under the bed, in the bathroom and in the bath, but she was found nowhere.

Once they tried to calm down, they turned on the TV. There was a comedy show or something and Miki-chan seemed to like the show.

After watching it for a while, the mood between the two kind of relaxed. Then they decided it was time to go to bed, and well, they had their business done.

When they finished it, they were both tired. You know, they had been at Goukon and had had a lot of drinks and all the hustle and bustle, so they both fell asleep on the bed immediately.

Eh, who is that girl?

After a while. “Squeak, squeak… Sha~~.”

Nishiyama-kun heard the sound of a shower that woke him up.

“Oh, Miki-chan is taking a shower? I guess it’s time to leave the hotel.” He was half asleep and thinking about that.

Then suddenly somebody hugged me tightly from behind.

‘What? Is Miki-chan on the bed? Then who’s in the shower right now?’

Just as he thought that, the shower stopped, and there was a sound of the bathroom door opening with a clang.

Nishiyama-kun suddenly felt fear and thought, “Oh no, oh no, what’s happening?”, but he was too scared to move.

As he was thinking, “Oh no, what do I do, what?” The bedroom door opened.

The one who came in there was Miki-chan, who had a bath towel wrapped around her.

Nishiyama-kun was confused, saying, “Eh, eh, what do you mean?”

Miki-chan said, “Eh, who is that girl?”

Nishiyama-kun looked back a little and saw a red dress.

Both of them panicked and ran out of the room, half-naked.

“What was that woman there? She was wearing red.” They were both quite upset.

When they were not sure what to do, Nishiyama-kun just remembered that his friend was also staying in the same hotel. So he contacted him and went to their room and explained the situation.

The story was out of nowhere. You know, a woman in red suddenly appeared in the room. You wouldn’t take such talk seriously. But both Nishiyama-kun and Miki-chan were frightened, and also they were almost naked, so his friend seemed to believe the story.

Anyway, their luggage was still in their original room, so they decided to go back to get it. Nishiyama-kun and his friend finally returned to the room, but nobody was there. No girl in red.


This hotel is a love hotel in Kabukicho (歌舞伎町), Shinjuku (新宿).

Kabukicho is one of the most famous entertainment areas in Japan, where there have always been various human dramas.

While I’ve been talking about this story in many places, a certain powerful piece of information came to light.

It seems that in the 90s, there was an incident in which a prostitute was murdered. And the case remains unsolved. I am not sure if the love hotel mentioned in this story was the crime scene, but I think that maybe the murdered woman is looking for her killer.

Even now, I sometimes tell this story in public, and several times, people come and ask me, “Are you talking about that hotel in Kabukicho?”

It means… Is that woman in red in that room of that hotel still now?

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