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“I’m glad I worked so hard to come to the Goukon because I met such a nice guy!”
But wait, is it really the first time we’ve met?

Today, we will discover one of the best Hitokowa Kaidan from Shuhei Shimada.

A Guy From Goukon (Japan Makes Me Scared Podcast)

Scary & Horror Story of the Kaidan (transcription)


The original story is from Shuhei Shimada. He is a comedian, but also famous as a kaidan storyteller as well.

This story is about what happened to one of his female friends. From here, I will describe “I” as Shuhei himself for convenience.

Finally, going to Goukon

She’s really pretty. But she hasn’t got a boyfriend for a while. She was always asking if there was anyone good out there. But she never went on Goukon, a kind of Japanese blind date.

She had been traumatised by men or what, and she also felt like the kind of guys who go on blind dates; they’re not good men and not trustworthy.

But if she doesn’t try anything, there is no change anyway. So I said, “You can have a go for one time, or you won’t meet anyone. Also, you have no right to judge men in Goukon without actually going there.”

That’s how I pushed her. Then she finally said, “Okay, then.”

So she made up her mind and went to one of Goukon parties.

Is it destiny…?

At that Goukon, there were three guys and three girls, including her. She was chatting with the boy sitting in front of her. He seemed like a decent, handsome young man.

She thought, “Oh, there is a nice-looking man like him at Goukon. That’s not too bad.”

After a while, they kept talking about some stuff, and she felt they got on really well. It was going like…

“What’s your hobby?”

“I like going to the cinema and watching films.”

“Oh really? Me too! What kind of film?”

“That might sound weird, but I like horror ones.”

“That’s crazy, I like horror films as well!”

In the end, she even felt they were destined to be together. And also thought, “I’m glad I worked so hard to come to the Goukon because I met such a nice guy.”

After the Goukon, the boy said he’d walk her to the station. Since she was starting to like him a bit more, the offer made her happier.

“Oh, thank you very much!”

When arriving at the station, he said, “Ok then, happy to meet you, have a safe journey home!”.

You know some men just want to “do business” even though they meet girls on the day for the first time. They would invite you to a love hotel right after Goukon.

So, from a girl’s point of view, his attitude that he wasn’t trying to do it on the day seemed gentleman-like.

She was already falling for the guy. She really wanted to see him again for sure.

So she got the courage to say, “It’s probably odd for me to ask this, but can I get your number?”

The boy was smiling. He looked happy as well.

“Oh, of course. Then I’ll give you my number. You can call me now, then I’ll register yours.”

“Sounds good!”

“So my number is 090-4 blah blah.

“Yes, yes, 090…”

Who he really is

And the moment she pressed the call button, there were letters on the screen.


That’s how she knew everything about what was going on.

At the beginning of this story, you remember this girl was traumatised by men. Actually, some months ago, she got a lot of silent phone calls.

What made it even scarier was that she got calls right after she came home or after she got out of the bath. The timing implied that somebody was watching her all the time.

So, she decided to register the number and set it to block calls. But of course, there was no way to know the name of this person, so she didn’t know what name to register this number with.

So, for the time being, she just registered the name as “Culprit?”

The “Culprit?” was the boy in front of her.

That explains everything. Because he’s a stalker who knows a lot about her, like her hobby and taste in horror films.

So, I want you all to be careful.

When you meet someone somewhere, and you hit it off and become friends, is it really the first time you’ve met them? 

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