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Today, we will dive into the scary creepypasta (urban legend) of “Kunekune” that was posted on 2chan.

If you see it, your mind is taken away, and you will be insane…

What is “Kunekune” In Japanese Urban Legends?

Kunekune (くねくね) is a ghost/yokai type of urban legend/character in the story.

It first appeared on the Internet around 2000. It became popular after posting on the Japanese message board 2channel (often shortened as 2chan).

Kunekune Urban Legend Story (podcast)

The original story was posted on the Japanese message board website 2chan around 2003. The story follows a young boy who went to his grandparents’ house and experienced a weird encounter there.

From here, I will describe “I” as this young boy for convenience…

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Characteristics of Kunekune


Kunekune means “To twist” in Japanese

Kunekune, as a word itself, means “to waggle” or “to twist” in Japanese. It is a type of Japanese onomatopoeia to describe the movement of an object being twisted.

White Like Paper Twisting in an endless dance

As the word suggests above, Kunekune looks like a tall, slender figure, white as paper or fabric, writhing and twisting in a seemingly endless dance.

Haunt in Vast open spaces

Kunekune is said to inhabit vast open spaces. In the story posted on 2chan, it was in a rice field under the scorching summer sun, but some suggest sightings near the sea as well.

driving witnesses insane…And never come back

Once people witness Kunekune, their minds are taken away, and they become insane.

If you don’t see it clearly or don’t understand what it is for some reason (like when you forget to use glasses or contact lenses), you might be saved. But otherwise….

Other Variations of Kunekune’s Urban Legend


I’ve shared the most famous urban legend story of Kunekune above, but there are also some variations.

Kunekune at the sea

A boy in around the fourth grade attended a summer camp for swimming lessons near the sea. Unfortunately, a typhoon was approaching on the last day of the camp, so the attendees had to stay in a room.

While looking out the window at the raging sea, a mysterious white object moved. He wasn’t sure if it was a man or a woman, but the thing was completely white all over and moved its hands at high speed above its head in a scooping motion.

At that moment, K-chan, who was looking out the window with him, released a strange voice: “Peeeeeee!” The teachers took K-chan to the hospital, but she never returned…

This story suggests that Kunekune can also inhabit the sea. By the way, he also explained why he was saved while K-chan wasn’t: He was nearsighted but did not wear glasses.

Black Kunekune?

One day, a boy and his friends played at home during high school. While they were talking nonsense, his mother returned with the front door vigorously open and desperately pleaded with them not to go to the rice paddies. She claimed that she saw a wiggling black object there.

But the group went to the rice fields for fun. Then, they saw an unidentifiable black object wiggling its arms and legs. Tears welled up in their eyes, their knees trembled, and they ran home crying…

As I said earlier, Kunekune, in most sighting cases, is white as paper or fabric. However, like this story, it could be said that it can sometimes appear as a black object as well.

What could be the origin of Kunekune?


Theory 1: Is Kunekune Yokai?

In Japan, since ancient times, many phenomena have been associated with Yokai, a kind of ancient monster.
Some people have actually pointed out the remembrance between Kunekune and some yokai, such as “Ittan-momen” (white, floating yokai), so this theory could be the strong origin.

Theory 2: Doppelganger

Other theories include the doppelganger phenomenon.
Some similarities have also been noted, such as the fact that the doppelganger is another self and will take a life if encountered and that the doppelganger is also represented as a person in white or black.

Theory 3: Victim will become New Kunekune

The last theory here is that Kunekune is those who witnessed Kunekune in the past. In the story posted on 2chan, after the brother became insane, his family said, “After a few years, it’s best to release him into the rice field…”

The intention of this statement was not made clear in the story, but it may imply that the Kunekune witness will be returned to the rice field after a certain period of time and that he or she will later become a new Kunekune.

Try not To see what you shouldn’t see…

Most of Kunekune’s urban legend stories are short, but the horrors are very deep. This is a good, quick Japanese urban legend to experience, I would say!

Anyway, when you have a chance to go near rice fields in Japan, be careful. There could be… you-know-what.

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